Australia-Wide Pairs
Instructions for uploading your results file directly to our server:

Select your results file using the Choose File button:

1. Locate your results file using one of the methods listed below.
2. Select that file using the Choose File button above.
3. Choose your club from the drop down box.
4. Click the Upload File button to upload the file.

(Or, if you prefer, you can just email the file to us at

This is how to find your results file (after scoring the event):

If your club has a web site:
Whatever file you normally upload to your website, also upload it to us.
If that is not clear, choose from one of the following options.

Scorebridge users:
Upload the .DAT event file you created at the start of the session.

Bridgemaster users:
From the event browser, highlight your event and press the EXPORT button at the bottom right.
Choose the " XML" option, and create and upload that XML file.

ASE users:
Choose Session - Produce P2P File from the menu. This will produce an XML file (in the location that you specify). Upload that file.

Compscore users:
In the "Print Reports & Web" tab, click on the WEB EXPORT button in the middle of the screen.
This will create a CSV file in either your C:\Compscore\Web\ folder or your C:\Compscore\Web\Archive\ folder. Upload that.
(Some computers are set up to create an XML file or file instead, in the C:\Compscore\XML Results\ folder. That's fine too.)
Several users mistakenly click the "Export to CSV" button instead of following the above instructions. You need to use the WEB EXPORT button.

Other programs:
I don't have instructions for other programs yet -- please give me a call on 0412335840 if you can help!
If all else fails we will accept travelling scoresheets in the mail (PO Box 7251 Greenway ACT 2900).