2017 Australia-Wide Novice Pairs

This page contains all the required tools for players, clubs and administrators in the Australia-Wide events, run every year on
25-31 May (Novice) and 25-31 August (Open).
Please choose from the following links:

       2017 Novice Pairs entry:
            Enter your club in the Novice Pairs
            List of clubs participating
            Frequently asked questions

            Upload the results after your club's Australia-Wide session


       2016 Open Pairs results:

            View your personal results booklet
(see under "My Results" on the results page, or use the drop-down box on this page)

            Get a summary of your club's results...  

            View the results booklet as a visitor / non-player
            Top 100 pairs (PDF)
            Claim your discount vouchers (expires 25 November 2016)
            Main results page
            Claim a CD prize (Top 5 winners)
            Email your address for a magazine prize (Top 25 winners)
            Report a scoring error (by email)
            Frequently asked questions