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2016 Australia-Wide Open Pairs - Final Results

Top 40 pairs
1 Lorraine Griffiths & Dan Delcourt Bendigo
2 Chris Watson & Shirley Watson Moreton Bribie
3 Kevin Nickolls & Patricia Newall Blue Lake
4 Prudence Francis & Babette Francis Caulfield Park
5 Phil Armitage & Sandie Armitage Cowra
6 Dita Hunt & Richard Prickett Bridge @ the Bay
7 Ellie Sheffield & Marlene Nicol Bowen
8 Rita Kahn & Val Holbrook Gold Coast
9 Louise Payne & Peter Quin Parkes
10 Margot Brennan & Terry Edwards Monaro
11 Faye Symons & Denis Upsall Bendigo
12 Noela Collins & John Marley Warwick
13 Colin Saunders & Esther Saunders Bunbury
14 Norma Pears & Vince Menezes Maylands
15 Philip Powell & Tina Powell Denmark
16 David Sarten & Susanne Sarten Tasmania
17 Jacquelyn Bliss & Jan Smith Townsville
18 Geoff Allen & Pat Allen Townsville
19 Faye Rowlands & Pat West Sth Gippsland
20 Enid Dawes & Helen Britton Orange
21 Robin Pellen & Henry Dyall Blue Lake
22 Helen Baker & Gregory Farrell Tomaree
23 Brian Terrill & Mark Doyle Ocean Grove
24 Biljana Novakovic & Lee Weldon St George
25 Pam Woodage & Cliff Woodage Maitland
26 Jeanne Anderson & Corrie Van Lier Sale
27 Ian McKinnon & Virginia Dressler Central Coast
28 Elaine Macrae & Jackie McKenna Yeppoon
29 Cherie Morgan-Jones & Jean Wellwood Tamworth
30 Jack Luke-Paredi & Andrew Gosney Gold Coast 2
31 Beverley Anderson & Susan Webb Coonabarabran
32 John Johnson & Phil Rains Townsville
33 Faye Bell & Heather Scott Ocean Grove
34 Mike Trafalski & Alison Mettam Albany
35 Freda Kaufline & Paul Schulz Monaro
36 Ali Smith & Del Renshaw Blue Lake
37 Tom Hackett & Jan Hackett Yarrawonga
38 Shiela Malloch & Thomas Flynn Tomaree
39 Margaret Phippen & Cheryl Dean St George
40 Richard Perry & Rosemary Crowley Sunshine Coast A
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Progress report:

Results are not expected from Kalgoorlie or Hamilton, so these are now the final results.
Results not submitted:
Kalgoorlie, Hamilton.

Results received, awaiting processing:

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