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2016 Australia-Wide Novice Pairs - Results

Top 40 pairs
1 Dan Craine & Michael Diamond Gardenvale
2 Lindsay Williams & Bernhard Boulton Gardenvale
3 Les Sinclair & Robert Baker Nambucca Valley
4 James Walcott & John Lee GS Canberra
5 Peter Heard & Barry Koster Sunnybank
6 Jan MacLean & Ian MacLean Blue Mtns
7 Claire James & John Elliott Denmark
8 Barry Grisdale & Connie Williams GS Double Bay
9 Maryan Andrea & Margaret Cameron Bendigo
10 Judith Noad & Peter Cannon Inverell Delvyn
11 Ken Williams & Patrick Blades Central Coast
12 Mary Wyndham-Smith & Frances Langley Bairnsdale
13 Peter Newstead & Michael Ryan Waverley
14 Geoff Unsworth & Naomi McPherson Great Lakes
15 Lindell Day & Lisa Basile Gold Coast
16 Steve Briggs & Anne Apedaile Deniliquin
17 Beth Thomas & Beryl Twardy Parkes
18 Chris Levy & Joanna Halioris Sunnybank
19 Ray Ghioni & Bruce Mathieson Ballina
20 Josephine Perry & Elaine Clark Tamar
21 Marlene Edland & Pat Murphy South Perth
22 Phil Cummings & Kevin Wilds Bathurst
23 Herb Neumeister & Frank van den Heuval Gawler
24 Ruth Marks & Anna Steel GS Double Bay
25 Kim Macmaster & Elinor Mccloskey Gold Coast
26 Marianne Fridell & Joan Thompson Moonee Valley
27 Gert van Reenen & Cecilia van Reenen U3A
28 John White & Brian Meadows Ballarat
29 Gary Gibbards & Deborah Gibbards Caboolture
30 Geoff Brewis & Louise Byrne Hamilton
31 Peter Dixon & Jill Dixon Mandurah
32 Valerie Sterland & Alexander Sterland U3A
33 Lesley Smith & Nevia Medica Undercroft
34 Inge-Lise Goyne & Anne Francis Tasmania
35 Di Silvester & Joan Lewis Hamilton
36 Tim Baker & Gai Baker Parkes
37 Keith Field & Margaret Doak Yeppoon
38 Sandra Dann & Nadia Wright Gardenvale
39 Lyn Ramsay & Loo Manning Cootamundra
40 Luci Fogerty & Chris Williams Kenmore
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This will take you to a results booklet with details of all prize winners, a written analysis of all the board results, a comparison of all your scores with the winners' scores, and a list of all pairs scoring over 52%.

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Progress report:

The scores are now complete, and prizes have been announced in the booklet. No results were received from Kalgoorlie.

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