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2014 Australia-Wide Pairs -- Player information

Local scores vs National scores

On the day of the event, each player will receive a percentage score as usual, based on the result within the club. This is the pair's Local Score. Once all the results are matchpointed nationally, the pair will also receive a National Score. The National Score is more accurate than the Local Score, because it is not dependent upon random results in a small field. The final results are based on the National Score.

Your National Score may be very different from your Local Score. For example, say your opponents bid a normal 4H contract, but every other pair in your room misses it. You will get an unlucky 0% for this board. However, once the board is scored nationally, you may find that lots of other pairs also bid it, and you end up with 40% for the board (and your opponents, instead of 100%, score 60%). Because of this, an extreme Local Score of say 70% will generally convert to a more normal National Score of 60%.

It is theoretically possible to finish 1st in your club on the day (after lots of top boards), yet not be the top pair from your club in the national rankings (because all your 'good' boards turn out to be average when compared nationwide). 

In particular, a pair's Local Score will be artificially low if all the best players are sitting in the same direction, as they have to compete with the other good pairs for the 7 or 8 matchpoints available in your room. Especially if your two best pairs are sitting in the same direction, you will often find both pairs see a big increase in their National Score -- with hundreds of matchpoints available, both pairs will be fairly rewarded for all their good boards.

On the other hand, if you sat in the same direction as all the weaker pairs in your club, you may have scored quite a few easy tops in your room for a big Local Score -- these may not hold up when your scores are matchpointed against 600 tables, and you won't have so many tops in your National Score.


If you are among the prizewinners, please send us your address so we can mail the prize. Also, we would appreciate it if the top pairs could send us a photo and biography for our article in the October issue of Australian Bridge.

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